28 November 2016 update

Waiau, a small farming community 30km east of Hanmer Springs, has been significantly affected with the Hurunui District Council red stickering 25 buildings and homes in the area. Many of the unlivable homes are rural and homeowners are not able to leave their properties so are staying in caravans or tents on site. A number of people in the town itself are also in tents and caravans.

We have had Claims people at the Waiau Hub for the last five days. As the only insurer there, alongside EQC, WINZ, IRD, Presbyterian Support and the Hurunui District Council; they have been kept busy with questions about lodging and progressing claims.

Mount Lyford is an even smaller rural community. The earthquake was reported as feeling severe here, and there are at least six red stickered homes in the village. Roads to Mt Lyford remain closed.


IAG CEO Craig Olsen

IAG CEO Craig Olsen and General Managers Dean MacGregor, John Archer and Renée Walker last week visited Kaikoura to meet with customers, community leaders and residents and hear firsthand what they need and want from us as their insurer. We found a community in relatively good spirit, focused on supporting each other and getting their town up and functioning again.  On the surface there did not appear to be significant damage to buildings, however, there are pockets of land damage, primarily lateral spreading, and from what we observed, damage to a small number of homes and buildings in localised areas.

A Recovery Hub will be set up this week and the Recovery Team have asked that insurers and EQC have a presence there providing a one stop shop for customers. IAG will be represented in the Hub and also have our own standalone base for Loss Adjusters and Claims Specialists in the town.