IAG surveys NZ to get views on climate change

Climate change challenges us with adversity and opportunities. It’s clear that in New Zealand we need to act to reduce our impact on the climate and adapt to the increasing impact it is having on our lives.

At IAG, our purpose is to make your world a safer place – that means being there for people when misfortune strikes and helping our communities adapt to global issues, like climate change.

We know that climate change will have a substantial impact on New Zealand and we need to protects the prosperity and well being of affected communities.  So we want to help them understand what a changing climate means for them and help to tackle some of the challenges we’ll face, like how we use our land and how we fund adaptation. We’re also going to do out bit by reducing our emissions in line with keeping global temperature rise to within 2o of warming.

To help us better understand public attitudes to climate change, we gathered 1000 New Zealanders’ views on climate change in June 2018 – we wanted to know what New Zealanders thought about climate change and how our country should respond.

They told us that climate change is a serious and urgent challenge, and that they want the Government to set clear goals and lead a pragmatic and bipartisan response.

We are sharing the key results of our research in this document as well as some of our thoughts on where IAG can best help address climate change.

We know this is the start of a long path toward a safer world – if you’d like to talk more about climate change or tell us what you think IAG should be doing, get in touch with us at sustainability@iag.co.nz

The climate change survey was carried out by Ipsos Research between June 15 and 22. It surveyed 1000 Kiwis who were representative of the general NZ population, and had a margin of error of plus or minus 3.1 per cent.

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