Climate Change and the Zero Carbon Bill


Our climate and landscape are intrinsic to our national identity. They underpin much of our success, while also being the frequent cause of hardship. Events like earthquakes and floods show just how powerful nature can be, and the enduring impacts it can have on our lives. Reducing their impact is vital.

Did you know that New Zealand sits just below the ‘roaring forties’ and atop the collision zone of two major tectonic plates? These shape our dramatic and beautiful landscapes. They also create the natural hazards that imperil our homes, businesses, and livelihoods.

While Earthquakes are the most devastating shocks we face from nature, it’s the smaller shocks – the floods, storms, droughts, landslips, and fires that are most common. And while smaller than earthquakes and eruptions, they often have just as great an impact for those affected.

The fact that it’s the warming climate that will cause extreme weather to occur more often and with greater force is not new to us. What’s new, and where the challenge lay, is the increasing pace and scale of these changes. In the growing damage and harm wreaked. And in the risk, that if unchecked, these changes outstrip our ability to adapt and respond.

Large or small, the impacts of nature’s challenge can be profound for those affected. The physical impacts may heal quickly, but social and economic cost can linger.

As an insurer, we see some of these costs first hand. But it’s not just the financial costs we must consider. It is the ever present, uncertain, and catastrophic potential of nature’s challenge that makes understanding them and reducing their impact so important.

While we believe that insurance have a lot to contribute in helping achieve this, we also know that the power is in each of our hands to collectively drive change.

Have you say on the Zero Carbon Bill and make sure your voice gets heard. You can make a submission through the Ministry of the Environment’s website and stay informed on all the latest developments here.

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