Flex Series: Callum


Do you enjoy southern hospitality? Well, Callum Dunbar, one of our Business Analyst – Claims Performance, does and he got a timely reminder of this thanks to the different flexible working opportunities at IAG.

In early January, just after the Christmas & New Years break, Callum was able to relax and transition back to work from his home town Dunedin. As he in now based in Auckland, he didn’t have to rush back to the office and instead was able to work direct from the NZI Dunedin branch. By doing so, Callum was able to spend more time with family and friends.

“Flex allowed me to spend some quality time playing golf after work with the old man, have an 8-minute door to door trip to work, build some valuable new working relationships as well as catching up with plenty of family and friends over the week.”


Spending an extra week in his home town was great and the first week back at work was spent drinking the Dunedin water with the team and being involved in work conversations that taught him a thing or two.

Being a Business Analyst for claims performance requires focused analysis of information and data to support the implementation of solutions, and Callum was able to do his everyday work while having the opportunity to collaborate and get to know his colleagues in Dunedin.

“The team in Dunedin was such a great bunch! Must be something in the water down there… It truly was southern hospitality at its finest and I hope I get the opportunity to do it again sometime.”

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