Would you enjoy working from home? Well, Shelley Bird, the Deputy Company Secretary for IAG New Zealand, certainly does!

Shelley is responsible for managing the Secretariat governance functions and works closely with the Board, NZLT and internal stakeholders to ensure good governance processes are followed and timely decisions are made. In Shelley’s role it can get quite stressful and busy which is why she loves to Flex!

Shelley believes that working from home “are generally my most productive days!”

In March, Shelley moved to Hamilton so she works from home three days a week and then commutes to Auckland for the other two days.  Due to the nature of Shelley’s role, she Flexes – she is generally in Auckland on a Tuesday and Wednesday, but this can change depending on when Board and Committee meetings are scheduled.  If she ever needs quite time in the NZI building she uses a focus space on the top floor which is designed to allow staff to escape the busyness of their work space and give them time out! This is such a benefit for IAG staff!

One of Shelley’s colleagues was originally skeptical of the Flex idea, but after seeing Shelley make it work they are a massive supporter! Would you enjoy working from home? Why or why not? Go Flex  and leave us a comment!


Shelley explains “I used to commute about an hour and a half each way when living in Auckland and now my commute is about 1 minute!  I now have time to do something for myself in the evenings, (like going for an evening walk to enjoy the sunset), rather than commute and get straight into cooking etc when I get home.  It’s so nice to have the time to breathe!”


If you’d like to know more about how Shelley makes Flex work for herself, her team and her stakeholders, give her a call or drop her a line.  She is very happy to share her experience.

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