Flex Series: Robert

Thursday - At Aon Cambridge (1)

Introducing our new ‘flex series’! What is that, you ask? Each week we’ll be bringing you stories from our people around how they use our flexible working arrangements to their advantage.

First up on the series is Robert Nicholls, our Business Development Manager – CPF. Just a a few weeks ago, Robert said he did a ‘WTF’ week – Wednesday was spent in Thames, Thursday in Cambridge, and Friday in Hamilton!

Friday - At my desk - Hamilton

Wednesday - At Aon Thames

“My flex opportunity comes as part of my job,” Robert says, “I deal with Aon insurance brokers and the CPF partnership. While most of my work is done in Hamilton I spend one day a week working out of the Aon Cambridge office. This enables me to keep a strong relationship with those brokers whilst still being able to do my normal day-to-day work from a different location. I really enjoy the change of scene and it breaks up the usual routine of sitting in the same desk.”

Keep an eye out for more flex series in the next few weeks!

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