New R​ed Cross ‘Hazard App’ launched

New Zealand Red Cross, whom IAG has been working closely with through our Resilient New Zealand project, has launched a free ‘Hazard App’ to help Kiwis make it safely through disasters.

IAG is encouraging New Zealanders to download the new app that has helped save lives in Hurricane Sandy and other global disasters.  The app has recently been formatted for New Zealand users, and replaces the now-defunct Civil Defence app.

The Hazard App features real-time emergency notifications from Civil Defence Emergency Management groups in Auckland, Wellington, Northland and the Waikato and allows users to tailor alerts to their location.  In the next couple of months it is expected that notifications will become available for people in Hawkes Bay and the West Coast.

Storm QB large

‘Hazard App’ provides New Zealanders with  notifications from alerting agencies including Civil Defence, Metservice and GNS Science to help them make it safely through natural disasters.

The app also provides a means for people to quickly notify loved ones that they are safe and well following an emergency, which in the past has proved problematic when phone lines become busy.

Other features include information on New Zealand’s natural hazards such as floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, fire, weather and biosecurity risks, tips on how New Zealanders can identify hazards, reduce risks and stay informed, and step-by-step information on helping people recover from an emergency.

The app’s pre-loaded content means New Zealanders can still access information without an internet or mobile phone connection.  IAG is continuing to work with New Zealand Red Cross to explore further ways in which we can work together to help make New Zealanders’ world a safer place.

For more information on the app, including how to download it, visit the Red Cross website.  Click here to see how else IAG NZ has been working to improve preparedness for natural disasters in New Zealand.

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