Cyber crime

NZI recently did a sponsored article on NZ Herald about Cyber crime and cyber security.

According to  Netsafe, cyber crime likely costs New Zealand between $250m to $400m. Netsafe reported 8570 cyber attacks in New Zealand last year, costing $13.4m, the largest single hit being just over $2m. But that’s just the crimes known about; Netsafe estimate that’s only about 4 per cent of all cyber crime. Extrapolate that out and cyber crime may be costing the country about $340m a year.

A new report, PWC’s Global Economic Crime Survey 2016 revealed “of the 40 per cent of New Zealand businesses hit by all forms of economic crime in the past two years, 29 per cent have experienced cyber crime. There are about 500,000 companies in New Zealand (97 per cent of them small-to-medium enterprises, according to official figures), so about 58,000 enterprises have been compromised by cyber criminals in the past two years. ”

To read the entire story, please visit:

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