Turn on your headlights when you turn the clock back

With daylight saving time ending this Sunday, AMI Insurance is urging motorists to turn on their headlights on their way home.

“Days are getting shorter in the lead up to winter and more motorists will be driving in low light conditions during afternoon peak hour,” said Kevin Hughes, AMI Executive General Manager.

“Many cars have headlights that automatically turn on when it gets darker. Although they are effective it is best not to rely solely on this setting as in some cases it may already be quite dark before headlights are switched on”.

The study shows headlight activation times can vary by more than half an hour depending on a car model and make.

“Many late model vehicles have instrument panels that are illuminated at all times rather than only when the headlights are on. If someone has forgotten to turn on their lights, a dark, and hard to read instrument panel can be a useful reminder,” said Mr. Hughes.

IAG recommends the following road safety tips:

  • Always turn on your headlights at dawn and dusk or when ambient light level is low i.e. on cloudy days or when it’s raining;
  • If you have automatic headlamps set them to automatic. Many new cars have Daytime Running Lights (DRL) which are often activated by the auto headlight switch so the car is visible from the front.
  • Don’t rely on streetlights as a guide to turn on your headlights;
  • If your instrument panel is always illuminated, remember to turn on your headlights as a dark panel won’t be there to remind you it’s time to turn the lights on.


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