Safety whether you’re home or away this Easter

Staying at home this weekend? Or are you lucky enough to have an adventure planned? Whatever your plans, AMI has a host of tips to help keep you safe whether you plan to stay local or get away this Easter.

Child security AMI

Staying home

The Easter long weekend is a great opportunity to complete that checklist of jobs you’ve been meaning to get around to for weeks. Often we’re so busy we forget how important it is to take the time to ensure our home is up to scratch and is as safe as it could be; not only from intruders but disasters such as fire.

AMI has put together a few quick and easy steps that you can take if you have a spare moment this weekend to help make your home environment safer and more secure.

– Test your fire alarms and replace those that don’t work or need new batteries.

– Check your tumble dryer for lint or fluff and remove it. Earlier this year the New Zealand Fire Service said about 27 fires across New Zealand were caused last year by clothes or linen igniting while inside a dryer, including 13 at residential properties.

– Trim trees or shrubs that could be potential hiding places for burglars. Check for limbs or branches that serve as ladders to higher places and prune them. And of course make sure any ladders you have around your property are kept out of sight and under lock and key.

– Get a spare key cut and give it to a trusted neighbour. Thieves know all about fake rocks and other key hiding tricks – including above the door frame!

– Be a good neighbour. If you know your neighbour is off on a break this Easter, offer to look after their home while they’re away. There are plenty of things you can do to keep a house looking lived in. Read on for more.

Off on an adventure

So you can focus on relaxing and enjoying your Easter break, AMI has these helpful hint to help ward off burglars from targeting your home:

– Arrange for your lawn to be mowed. A neighbour with a teenage son or daughter keen to make a quick buck is the perfect person to ask to mow your lawn while you’re away. Plus it’s one less job for you to do when you get back!

– Install timers for selected lights or ask a neighbour to switch the lights on in different rooms at night. You could also ask them to close curtains at night and open them during the day to make the place look occupied.

– Leave a car in the driveway. If you only have one car and plan to take it away with you, ask a neighbour or friend to leave theirs on your property.

– Advertise the home security system you have installed somewhere prominent like a sticker on your front door or window. Also, check with your insurer whether a house alarm means you’re eligible for a discount on your home policy.

– Ask a neighbour to use your clothes line while you are away.

– Get a neighbour to clear your mail. A built up mailbox is a sure sign of an empty home.

Above all, relax and enjoy the Easter weekend!

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