How does renovating affect your home insurance?

Last Sunday (17 January 2016) IAG claims expert Chris Kiddey joined Peter Wolfkamp for the ‘Ask The Expert’ part of the Newstalk ZB show, Sunday Morning with the Resident Builder.  Fresh off The Block NZ, Peter invited listeners to call in with their questions on how and why renovations can affect their home insurance, for example: what kind of works require you to contact your insurer to let them know what you are doing? What are the dangers if you don’t?

Chris discussed the boundaries of basic improvements vs structural changes to a home, plus he dusted off his claims files to reveal a few real-life scenarios that he’s come across.

Click on the first audio link below to hear Chris talk about the type of home improvements that could affect your home insurance.  Click the second link to hear why caller Abby isn’t covered for damage under a window of her home that she spotted some years ago, plus what kind of insurance you need to check your licensed builder has before they begin work on your property.

If you have a question on this topic, submit it via the comments box below and we’ll do our best to come back to within 24 hours.

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