Stay safe on the road in high winds

Strong winds are affecting parts of Canterbury this afternoon (15/01/2016), including Christchurch Central City.  The MetService has also issued a severe weatherwatch for Westland, Marlborough, Wellington and Wairarapa with gale force north-westerly winds battering the region today.

Here’s some tips to help keep you, your loved ones and your possessions safe until the fine weather returns:

Cars and driving

  • Where possible, stay off the road but if you must travel or a storm occurs while you are driving, make sure you slow down as reduced visibility and the distraction of dust/ smoke can contribute to a greater likelihood of an accident.  Where visibility is poor, nose-to-tail collisions are common.  Slow down to ensure everyone in the vehicle is safer and reduce the risk of an accident or the extent of damage should an accident occur.
  • Move your car into your garage, or at least to a covered area.  Try to get into a habit of doing this whenever extreme weather such as strong winds are forecast.  Added shelter will help protect your car and it make it easier for you if you are getting to or from your vehicle.
  • Pack an emergency survival kit, including items such as a torch, spare batteries and water in your car. For more details on what to include in the kit, visit Get Ready Get Thru’s website.



Around the home

  • Secure or move indoors any loose objects from around your garden, including sun shades, deck chairs or potted plants.  Close any sun canopies.
  • Seal your windows and draw blinds and shutters.
  • Tune into your local radio station for weather updates in your area.  The Met Service has the latest information on weather across New Zealand.  Visit: or follow @MetService on Twitter.
  • Make a list of emergency numbers and keep them to hand – you never know when you might need them.

Personal safety

  • As fascinating as storms are, you are well advised to watch them from indoors.  If you cannot make it to the house, try to avoid being close to trees.  Broken branches or flying objects could hurt or injure you.

Your insurance

  • After the storm, check your vehicle and/or house for any damage and report it to your insurance company.

If you’re an IAG customer and need to make a claim, we’re here to help:

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