Protect what’s under your tree this Christmas

On Sunday, IAG’s Craig Dowling joined Newstalk ZB’s Resident Builder presenter Peter Wolfkamp to talk about staying safe this Christmas, including making sure what’s under your Christmas tree is covered by your contents insurance. Under AMI, State and Lantern Echelon’s contents policies, there is cover for Christmas gifts kept in the home. However, it’s important to remember that if you’ve got something extra special hidden under the tree this year such as a fancy watch, a camera or a valuable piece of jewelry, it might be worth speaking to your insurer to find out whether the item should be specified on your policy.

Press play on the link below to listen to the audio clip. Read the full contents policy wording for AMI, State or Lantern Echelon. You can also submit your question on contents cover using the comments section below. We’ll try out best to respond to you within 24 hours.

Christmas is a busy time full of distractions that can leave us more vulnerable in our households. Here’s some tips to help you have a happy safe and accident-free Christmas:

Your tree

  • If you’re buying an artificial tree, chose one that’s fire-retardant. If you’ve got a live one, they can quickly become dry – which makes them extra flammable.
  • Place trees well away from open fires, heaters, radiators or any source of heat.
  • Never use open flame decorations like candles, especially near a tree or where small children may play.
  • Select ornaments that are hardy and non-combustible. Ensure glass or small ornaments are tied securely or out of reach of small hands.

Lights inside the home

  • Before hanging or plugging in lights, to a thorough check along the length of them to check for faults. Look for split or cracked wiring, bent plug prongs or damaged bulbs. If there are any inconsistencies or damage to the lights, do not use them.
  • Don’t overload plugs boards and extension leads with too many lights or powered devices – this can cause shorts or other electrical problems like shocks or fires.
  • Ensure lights fit with the NZ national grid – 240v.
  • Low voltage LED lights are safer and better for the environment.
  • Make sure all lights are switched off before going to bed at night.

Lights and decorations outside

  • Only use lights that are made for outdoor use.
  • Clear away combustible debris like leaves, overhanging shrubbery or spider webs before hanging or placing decorations.
  • Fasten decorations and lights securely to avoid damage from the wind or other “man made” damages.
  • If you’re opening your garden to the public, be aware of your overall safety. Lock all doors and windows and close curtains to prevent people looking in. Have someone in the area at all times to keep an eye on visitors.

Don’t forget to keep an eye out and look after your Neighbours this season, and they’ll be doing the same for you – a close community is a strong and safe one. If you’re opening your decorated garden to the public, why not create an event or post in Neighbourly and invite people to attend?

From everyone here at IAG, we wish you a great holiday season, and a safe one!

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