New brand identity for IAG

Leading insurance group IAG has launched a new brand identity, moving away from the traditional financial services colour blue to embrace the colour purple and featuring a lower-case text and a circular theme that is more distinctive and progressive.

The insurance group’s New Zealand CEO, Jacki Johnson, said that the new identity was part of IAG’s evolution and signalled a new and exciting phase for the company.

“The new identity better reflects IAG’s position as the general insurance market leader in Australia and New Zealand, with an emerging footprint in Asia,” she said. “We’re also operating in a more digitised environment so it is important that the brand identity is flexible and adaptable for use across all marketing channels and mediums as well as stretch across geographical boundaries.”

IAG’s New Zealand Executive General Manager of Strategy, People and Reputation, Martin Hunter, said that IAG was increasingly playing an integral role in the community, not just with shareholders, so it was important that IAG’s new brand identity created a sense of warmth and approachability.

“The new brand identity is centred on creating confident futures and is designed to help differentiate IAG from the insurance crowd.”

The identity does not impact on the insurance group’s consumer brands which include NZI, Lantern, Lumley, AMI, State and NAC, however over time there will be a stronger visible link through the consumer brands to IAG, Mr Hunter said.

“We want to strengthen the link between IAG and its customer brands to differentiate us from our competitors. Our research shows the majority of our customers value knowing who stands behind the insurance brands they choose to purchase from, particularly the financial security, strength and scale that comes from being backed by IAG.”

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