NZI releases simplified Chinese risk management guide

To coincide with New Zealand Chinese Language Week (NZCLW), NZI has today released a Small Business Risk Management Guide for small to medium sized businesses (SMEs) in simplified Chinese.

This is a first for NZI and has been developed in response to the changing demographics in Kiwi communities. “According to the 2013 Census, New Zealand has become home to 213 different ethnic groups, making us one of the most diverse countries in the world. The Asian population has reached over 400,000 and is ranked fourth after European, Maori and Pacific people. And with this, comes changing markets,” said Donna Williams, Head of Customer Experience and Marketing for NZI.

“Chinese is now the largest Asian ethnic group and 23 per cent of Aucklanders identify with an Asian ethnicity. In order to grow as an organisation and evolve, we want to understand and engage with this community better.”

NZI’s parent company, IAG, has created a media familiarisation programme to help it understand the different ways of engaging with Asian communities. NZI will be working with IAG to better understand and connect its business and brands with these different communities over the next few years.

The Small Business Risk Management Guide is a step by step guide designed to help SMEs think about what they should be considering when it comes to putting together a risk management plan with their broker. The guide is designed to make owners aware of the numerous risks within their business and the effect these risks could have on their ability to keep trading should something unexpected occur. SMEs can now be more confident in planning for any unforeseeable events.

Janet Lee of Hwa Hsin Insurance Services Limited says, “We are delighted to welcome the introduction of this first Chinese publication of the ‘Small Business Risk Management Guide’. This is a very encouraging approach, that NZI as one of New Zealand’s leading insurance companies, can share their valuable risk management expertise with businesses. Hwa Hsin Insurance brokerage has been working with NZI for over 20 years and we would like to express our strong support towards their effort in launching this educational and useful guide for our Chinese community.”

The booklet includes a self-assessment on risk management. Both the English and Chinese version of the guide are available under the Risk Management section of NZI’s website under Business>NZI Risk Solutions.

New Zealand Chinese Language Week is a Kiwi-driven initiative that aims to increase Chinese language learning in New Zealand and is the first of its kind in any Western country.


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