ROAM – It’s like Air BnB for your car…

A new P2P car sharing service is set to lead the market through its innovative technology.


Later this year, a new peer-to-peer car share company (ROAM) will be launching in Wellington to provide some extra cash for people whose cars sit around idle and also for people who need to use a car but don’t want to own one.

The business, ROAM, is the creation of Andrew Kissling (former director of Vodafone NZ) and Jezz Santos (former product development leadership at Microsoft), and offers a hi-tech app interface, featuring pre-screening of lenders and borrowers, a simple online booking system and keyless entry making it simple and economical to participate.


“We’ve built a piece of in-car tech that will be 3G and Bluetooth connected. You get approved as a borrower, approach the car with the app, the lock clicks up, and off you go. Then you’re charged by actual use, with the owner setting their own hourly, daily and weekly rates. You can also set up a repeat on your calendar for on-going use and you’re sorted,” said Andrew.


But lending cars to strangers is risky and that is why ROAM also developed the social rating system, as well as engaging with the biggest general insurer in New Zealand – IAG.  “We are pleased to be working with ROAM to co-develop an innovative insurance solution that works for everyone. This is one of a number of interesting new insurance offerings we are looking at,” said IAG New Zealand Innovation Manager, Colette Campbell.

Andrew wants to start this peer-to-peer car sharing network in New Zealand, and then take the technology they have developed and apply that to existing car sharing networks around the globe. That is why ROAM is beginning an equity crowd funding to raise a 20% equity stake of $390,000, and bring the value of the fledgling company to just under $2 million.

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