Unfold the opportunities for New Zealand from the latest Australia’s financial report

The release last year of a major report into Australia’s financial system is set to have wide ranging implications here in New Zealand, owing to the closeness of our ties with the Australian financial and regulatory landscape.
IAG is seeking to help stakeholders in New Zealand understand the implications of the report through participation in a forum hosted by Finsia, the leading organisation for Australasia’s financial services industry.
Bryce Davies, Senior Manager Government and Stakeholder Relations, IAG NZ (also Chair of the ICNZ Regulatory Committee) will be part of a panel discussion exploring what the report’s recommendations might mean for Australia and New Zealand, and how we in New Zealand might seek to address the risks and opportunities identified in the report.
The report, an outcome of Australia’s Financial System Inquiry, is yet to be discussed in detail in a New Zealand context, so the forum is intended to kick off a conversation between business, government and community stakeholders who want to keep ahead of the curve and get clarity on the changing financial services framework in Australasia.
If you are interested in finding out more, or attending the forum, please feel free to visit the event page: https://finsia.com/events/event-registration/?eventCode=Z326 and register before July 8th 2015.

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