Travel advice: Nepal earthquake

The following information is intended for IAG travel insurance customers who are concerned about, or whose travel plans are impacted by, the Nepal earthquake that occurred on 25 April 2015.

For all travellers, please stay up to date with the latest travel advisories from the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade. Visit:

New Zealanders travelling or living in Nepal should follow the advice of local authorities. Visitors and tourists staying in travel accommodation should follow the guidance of their hotel.

New Zealanders intending to travel to Nepal are encouraged to reconsider their plans at this time. We recommend you contact your airline, accommodation provider or tour operator to verify your travel plans and obtain the latest information on the situation, including damage to tourist infrastructure.

How your IAG travel insurance policy will respond

If your travel plans have been affected by the Nepal earthquake and your travel insurance policy was issued on or before 26 April 2015 (NZT) there is provision within your policy to assist you.

As travel insurance provides cover for unforeseen events, policies issued on or after 27 April 2015 (NZT) provide no cover for amendment or cancellation costs.

For policy holders currently travelling:

  1. We may be able to assist with reimbursement of reasonable additional costs incurred by you where these are not recoverable from any other source (please retain receipts for any costs that you incur);
  2. If you are claiming for curtailment or additional expenses, you will need to submit copies of documents that show your original planned arrangements, as well as receipts and documents showing any alterations and associated costs. You will also need to submit documentation from your travel agent or airline stating what they were able to offer you by way of compensation and refunds; we will only cover additional expenses irrecoverable from any other source.

For travellers who have not yet departed New Zealand:

  1. Please contact your travel agent or airline in the first instance to see whether your flights are affected;
  2. We will consider reasonable cancellation or additional costs incurred by you that are not covered by the airline or any other travel provider subject to the limits and terms outlined in your policy wording.

For travellers returning to New Zealand:

  1. If your return to New Zealand is delayed or affected by the Nepal earthquake, your policy will automatically extend for up to three consecutive months until you are able to return to New Zealand on the next available scheduled transport. You do not need to contact us in order to arrange this extension;
  2. All claims will be subject to the relevant policy excess (see your policy schedule for these details).

24/7 emergency contact details

If you need to make a claim and require any assistance from us, please call our Emergency Assistance team on one of the following numbers:

  • New Zealand 09 969 5550 (reverse charge).
  • All countries +64 9 969 5550 (reverse charge).
  • Australia 1 800 887 863 (toll free).
  • UK 0800 096 5308 (toll free).
  • USA 1800 593 9482 (toll free).

For more information email:

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