To rent or not to rent? That may soon not be a question

Rental housing is set to be a much more likely consideration for Kiwis over the next decade due to a number of factors including student debt, changes in the labour market, and changes in people’s spending aspirations (read more from research commissioned by the Building Research Association).

Faced with this pending change, what should planners be considering – and what are the implications for insurers?

Beacon Pathway*, an incorporated Society committed to transforming New Zealand’s homes and neighbourhoods, has produced a resource which pulls together all that is known about the rental housing market and performance of rental housing.

Beacon believes that improving the health, well-being and economic outcomes in rental houses needs a focus on whole-of-house performance.

Beacon recommends developing a Rental Housing Strategy for social housing to improve planning and management of this national asset and provide a structure to tie together agencies, legislation and policies.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments section below.



*Through research and demonstration projects, Beacon hopes to show how to make our homes higher performing (resource-efficient, cheaper to run, healthier to live in), adaptable, resilient and affordable.  For more information about Beacon go to:

IAG, as a leading insurer in New Zealand, is determined to help build stronger, safer and more confident communities.  One of the ways we seek to contribute towards this is through partnerships. IAG in New Zealand works in partnership with Beacon to promote better housing, recognising that healthier households contribute to more adaptable and resilient neighbourhoods.

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