IAG’s Canterbury Recovery team contributes to CTV’s new show, Covered

IAG’s Canterbury Recovery team has been taking part in Canterbury TV’s (CTV) new weekly show, Covered, which looks to provide a behind the scenes update on how residential rebuilds are progressing post-quake in Canterbury.

The 12-episode series seeks to answers consumers’ questions on rebuild and insurance matters in 30 minute segments and is the result of a collaboration between CTV and Rebuild Christchurch, a non-profit community group that promotes the post-quake rebuilding of the city.


Some of the topics covered in the first three episodes include lessons learned by insurers since the 2010 Canterbury earthquakes (episode 1), the Earthquake Commission Act (episode 2) and house lifting (episode 3).

In the first episode,  IAG’s Canterbury Recovery General Manager Dean MacGregor answers questions on the repair of foundations.  In the segment, Dean explains IAG’s approach in engaging professional engineers to decide the best solution for repairing or rebuilding foundations and what’s involved in re-levelling foundations.  Watch the clip below.

In the third episode, Dean talks about IAG’s claims process including time frames for rebuilds and major repairs and how complex claims for shared property and multi-unit buildings are dealt with.  Watch the clip below.

Covered airs on Wednesdays at 8:30pm on CTV and is repeated on Fridays at 2pm and Saturday at 7pm.  Previous episodes can be viewed in full on CTV’s website here.

In July this year, IAG launched a microsite, www.iagcanterbury.co.nz, to provide pre-construction support to customers who are going through the repair or rebuild process. The site includes information, practical tips and factsheets with answers to commonly asked questions aimed at helping homeowners to make decisions so as to minimise delays in the design phase of a repair or rebuild and to ensure quicker completion of their home.

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