Couple reunited with lost ring after six years

Beach heart large

A little detective work and the honesty of strangers has resulted in a Titirangi couple being reunited today (7 April 2014) with an engagement ring that was lost six years ago. 

IAG’s FI claims team leader, Erana Baker, today handed back to a delighted Jeff Ninnes the bespoke 18-Carat gold engagement ring that he had crafted for his now- wife of 15 years, Vivienne.

Vivienne lost the precious piece when the couple spent a day with their children on a Northland beach in January 2008.  Despite returning to the spot several times to try and find the ring, the pair had no success and so filed a claim and had a replica made.  The case seemed all but closed until earlier this year when beachcomber Bernard Patterson unearthed it on the very sands it went missing.

Luckily for the Ninnes family, Bernard is the honest sort and handed it to local police who linked it to an old complaint form and contacted IAG as the owner. 

In these circumstances, IAG customers have the option of requesting the original item back and returning the replacement item or reimbursing us for the cost incurred. It is important that customers who find lost items after making a claim let their insurance company know if items have been found.  In this instance, Mr and Mrs Ninnes paid bought the ring back at the estimated start point at the auction which was $800.

Our claims team then arranged with our recovery partner for a stop to be placed on the ring being auctioned until the family could be reached.  That happy conversation took place today and thanks to Bernard’s honourable actions and the quick work of the police and IAG’s claims team, Mr and Mrs Ninnes’s story has ended well, with the couple delighted to have the ring safe back in their hands.

The Northland Advocate published this story today: before it learned that the ring had been returned to Mr Ninnes but is expected to run a follow up tomorrow; so make like Bernard Patterson and keep those eyes peeled…

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