Cera’s latest Wellbeing Survey – tell us your thoughts

The latest Cera Wellbeing Survey – a report carried out every six months to track earthquake recovery progress in Christchurch – reveals residents’ satisfaction levels with insurers to have risen by 14% in the last year. 

The survey shows that while residents’ concerns have shifted from the emotional effects of the earthquake, the majority now rank living in a post-earthquake environment, which includes insurance issues, traffic and roadworks among other factors, as the number one stressor in their lives. 

We know that rebuilds and repairs for those with homes damaged in the Canterbury earthquakes cannot happen fast enough.  Insurance features as an issue in that regard – something we accept and continue to do our best to address.  Our teams are working hard to finalise claims fairly and in line with policy entitlements.  We are also looking at this survey, and our own research and conversations with customers, to understand what we could be doing to better.

After looking at the latest findings, we’d like to hear what ideas you have, that we could consider, or that could be applied by others to help the people of Canterbury set themselves up “well” for the future?  We invite you to leave your comment below and we will endeavour to respond to you within 24 hours.

Click here to read Cera’s full report for September 2013. 

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