The kids are alright – or are they?

A study by Massey University* has revealed as few as 29% of students bother with contents insurance once they fly the nest for university.  While horror stories of flooded flats and burning buildings work well at warning students why cover is key in a catastrophe, it’s also important to remember to protect the things you love.

Roger Wallace, General Manager of State, says the most common reasons he hears students give for not having contents insurance are affordability and thinking that they don’t own enough stuff.  But with the majority of students now owning at least one big ticket item such as an iPad or a smartphone, or both, they may be surprised at how much their possessions add up to be worth.


“If you total up what it would cost to replace back bedroom furniture, clothes, sports equipment, iPad, phone, text books and all the other typical items we take with us flatting, you’d be shocked at how big that number is,” Roger said.  “They might also have a special item – like a musical instrument or piece of jewellery that is particularly important to them.”

Roger had these tips to help students understand the importance of contents insurance:

Know when you’re covered
In your first year of university if you’re living in accommodation provided by the tertiary institution, like a hostel, many policies offer contents protection under the parents’ policy if they are insured. But be aware some only cover to a certain amount and some won’t provide any cover if you are in a flatting situation, so best to check.

Understand what your potential liability is
On the rare occasion disaster strikes, the costs can be high. For example it you burn down your landlord’s flat and you are liable, it can result in thousands of dollars worth of debt against your name. All State’s policies have $1million liability cover automatically built in to protect you in the instance that you accidently damage someone else’s property or belongings.

We understand that money is tight for most students. State has a number of monthly premium options available to assist in this situation. Contact us on 0800 80 24 24 or pop into your local branch to find out more. 

Find out more
State is open to students and providing you with the best cover we can. We have a number of policies to suit everyone. For example, our Favourite Things policy allows customers to nominate certain items to be covered through to our comprehensive cover. Contact us on the telephone number above, visit our website,, or pop into your local branch to speak to us about how we can help you. 

* Research carried out by Massey University in 2013 showed only 20% of 18 -22 year olds had insurance (of any kind) and 29% of students had contents insurance.

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