NZI Centre scores top energy-efficiency rating

Being sustainable shapes the way that we do business at IAG, which is why we’re delighted to announce that the NZI Centre, home of IAG NZ’s main Auckland office, has received a top energy-efficiency rating from the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA).

In collaboration with the New Zealand Green Building Council (NZGBC), the EECA has introduced National Australian Building Environmental Rating System (NABERSNZ™) – a scheme that looks to assess the energy performance of office buildings in New Zealand.  The Centre is one of only two buildings in the country to have achieved a 5-Star Green Star Certified Rating based on the environmental impact of its site selection, design, construction, and maintenance.

The NZI Centre is located at 1 Fanshawe Street in the heart of Auckland's CBD.

The NZI Centre is located at 1 Fanshawe Street in the heart of Auckland’s CBD.

Award judges gave special credit to IAG’s in-house Property team and the Centre landlord who together ensure that the building continues to run in an energy-efficient way.  NZGBC’s CEO Alex Cutler said: “The key reason it (the Centre) has achieved such a high NABERSNZ score is that there’s a very active building management team who constantly target energy use to ensure the site is comfortable and running efficiently.  It’s a great role model for other buildings.”

IAG NZ CEO Jacki Johnson said the result shows that the building is performing both in practice as well as theory.  “The building has a great feeling. It’s pleasant to spend time in, our people enjoy it – so we thought it was probably performing well.  Now NABERSNZ proves it is.  The value of the rating is that it’s independent verification that our building uses energy efficiently.”

“While it’s good to get this result, we won’t rest on our laurels, but will continue to work on being resource efficient – which is in line with our corporate ethos of operating sustainably.” she said.  Read EECA’s full press release here.

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