Social Media Club is the place to #share stories

Last night (Wednesday, 17 October), IAG NZ’s CEO Jacki Johnson joined around 250 marketers and media professionals at Auckland’s biggest regular digital gathering – the monthly Auckland Social Media Club (#smcakl for the Twitter-savvy among you) – to hear about the latest developments in social media.

October’s focus: ‘social media for leaders: who’s doing it, why, the pluses and minuses, and the balance between personal and professional profiles’.  In a discussion with Xero CEO Rod Drury and PR expert Jane Sweeney about their experience in embracing the digital and social media world,  Jacki shared her viewpoint that leaders are measured on how they communicate and that social media is simply another way of listening and engaging.

Jacki said: “There were a lot of great questions, for example: ‘How should CEO’s manage comments on social media with disclosure obligations if you are a listed company?’

“In my opinion the two aren’t mutually exclusive. There’s a basic guideline that if you wouldn’t say it, then you shouldn’t tweet it, blog it or Facebook it. If you follow that rule, whether as a CEO or anyone with a profile on any social media platforms, then you are a long way towards achieving a positive outcome from your digital activity.”

Other advice she gave was to be real. “CEO’s are people too and social media is actually a way of sharing more about yourself than what people might otherwise see,” Jacki added. “That can benefit relationships both personally and professionally.”

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