Wellington earthquake: claims information

We hope all our people and customers in the Wellington area are safe and keeping well.  If you’re an IAG customer who has been affected and need to make a claim, we’re here to help:

Telephone: 0800 80 24 24
Email: claims@state.co.nz
Website: www.state.co.nz

Telephone: 0800 100 200
Website: www.ami.co.nz

Telephone: 0800 227 653
Website: http://www.nzi.co.nz/

Telephone: 0800 501 508
Website: http://www.nac.co.nz/

Swann Insurance
Telephone: 0800 807 926
Website: http://www.swanninsurance.co.nz/

Telephone: 0800 800 800
Website: http://www.lanterninsurance.co.nz/

Further information
If you need to contact EQC about your claim, you can visit their website: www.eqc.govt.nz, telephone: 0800 326 243 or complete an online form here.

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