IAG update: impact of overnight storms

Overnight damage resulted in several hundred claims and calls for assistance being received by insurers State and AMI through Friday, 21 June 2013 and both expect the number of claims to rise over the next three or four days as customers who dealt with the initial impact of the storms are able to spend more time at the weekend assessing the extent of the damage.

The majority of claims for the South Island have been flooding, roof leaks, wind damage and some snow damage around sprouting and rooting.  In Wellington, there has been a lot of wind damage to roofing and resultant water damage.  There has also been damage to fencing and some reports of trees falling and damaging properties.  In addition, we’ve heard from some people with damage to outside items such as garden furniture and trampolines.

It was a significant weather event that has hit the region and our customers hard.  We have people working extended hours today and additional people will work over the weekend and into next week, not only to receive claims but also to go out and assess damage to the worst hit properties.  Our priority is to give more urgent attention to severely damaged properties first.

We have a network of builders that we are also utilising to assist with temporary repairs, assessment and the reinstatement of damaged property.

Storm 2

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