Innovative DVD is guiding light for Lantern Echelon Home customers

This week sees the launch of Lantern’s DVD guide for Echelon Home insurance customers as hosted by New Zealand Breakers player Mika Vukona and celebrity builder John ‘Cocksy’ Cocks. Looking back over the last seven months, Head of Lantern Bart Taylor talks us through the journey of how an idea first hatched by a team of graduates has flourished into an innovative customer tool that he and his team are exceptionally proud of.

In November last year, I was approached by a group of participants taking part in IAG’s first Graduate Programme with an idea. I’m passionate about insurance and I love innovative thinking. I also enjoy learning from others so I was keen hear more. As we sat and talked, their story began to unfold. Our talented group of graduates had been involved in an Innovation Workshop with IAG’s CEO, Jacki Johnson, where they spent the day focused on generating ideas on how to better engage and educate our customers. Out of this came a simple, but stand out idea.

What if we created a short video that is engaging, informative and covered the main aspects of the policy wording? What if we made it easier for our customers to understand what they are covered for? While we all know there is no substitute for reading your policy wording, it would take care of explaining key parts of insurance cover.

Cue our new DVD guide for Lantern Echelon Home insurance customers presented by New Zealand Breakers star Mika Vukona and the nation’s favourite builder, John ‘Cocksy’ Cocks. When the idea was first brought to me, I immediately thought it was brilliant and wanted to be part of it.

The graduates pictured with Lantern team members and IAG's NZ CEO, Jacki Johnson, all of whom helped develop the project.  From left to right: Sacha Cowlrick, Gabrielle McElwee, Aria Puriri, Giang Nguyen, Asma Siddiqui, Sky Liu, Lillian Yong, Jacki Johnson, Bart Taylor and Liesa Hurn.

Our graduates with the Lantern team and IAG’s NZ CEO, Jacki Johnson. From left to right: Sacha Cowlrick, Gabrielle McElwee, Aria Puriri, Giang Nguyen, Asma Siddiqui, Sky Liu, Lilian Yong, Jacki Johnson, Bart Taylor and Liesa Hurn.

Congratulations to our Graduate Programme and project teams and all at Lantern and across IAG who helped to bring this brilliant idea to life. It’s been a wonderful experience to watch you work together. For many of you, it’s been months of stepping outside your comfort zones, putting in many long hours, taking on new challenges, removing roadblocks and bringing to the table all the thinking and passion you can muster. 

Today, seven months on from my initial meeting with our Graduate team, the Lantern Echelon Home Insurance DVD is being launched, marking an innovation brought to life. Everyone here at Lantern is very proud to have been involved and we’ve been wowed by the final video, which to me represents an amazing job done by incredible and talented people.

Click here to watch our videos. We hope you like them as much as we do.

Bart Taylor, Head of Lantern Insurance

About Bart

Bart Small3

Bart is responsible for the Lantern Insurance business and brand. He has accountability for the strategic and operational performance, helping to ensure that Lantern customers receive a great customer experience, and have quality NZI products in place to protect their assets. Bart has more than 20 years experience in Financial Services and Insurance, and has worked at IAG for the last five years. He has experience in leadership, customer service and sales.

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